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Experienced, willing to accept less, no takers

This is a column on workplace issues

The Straits Times - December 27, 2012
Experienced, willing to  accept less, no takers

I AM a senior experienced in human resource work, but when I apply for positions, employers do not even give me an interview, even though I am qualified and am even prepared to accept a lower salary ("Hire fairly by looking at ability, not gender" by the Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices; Monday).

Prospective employers seem to be always lamenting that they cannot find suitable Singaporeans to fill their manpower requirements.

These prospective employers should note that there is a pool of ready and capable senior workers available, if only they would give them the opportunity.

I hope that all prospective employers can consider seniors when they are hiring - it can cost less and seniors are unlikely to job hop.

Finally, I also wonder if the Government and the statutory boards have taken the lead in fair employment practices.

Andy Tan